The La Matilla estate comprises more than 40 hectares of olive trees. Set in an exceptional environment on land enriched by converting the pruning from our olive trees into organic material.


The Matilla Estate

Our estate is set in an exceptional environment on land that has been used to cultivate olives since the Palaeolithic.

La Matilla extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olive groves nestling in the South of Andalusia, on the plain of Carmona (Seville) – more specifically, on a fertile terrace of the gently sloping Carmona plateau.  The terraces of the Carmona plateau (Los Alcores de Carmona) have been farmed since the Palaeolithic, as has been attested by numerous archaeological remains found in the area.

Data from Agricultural Registers of the area provide evidence that olive oil was already produced in Roman times, and the first estates dedicated solely to the production of olive oil date from an expansion in the 15th century, when there were up to 70 oil presses in the area.  The fresh, sandy soil is optimal for the cultivation of olive trees; it is an exceptional environment of fertile soil, enriched even further through converting pruning waste into organic material and returning it to the soil.  Respect for the environment and the nature of the surrounding area is in the DNA of the family-run Aceites La Matilla’s farming policy.

From the 40 hectares of olive trees comprising our estate, we select only those which bear the highest yields and the best quality olives, to produce the finest gourmet olive oil in a natural way,  cold-pressing using pressing mats, following our centuries-old tradition.

The end result of this story is La Matilla’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a unique and exclusive luxury gastronomic product, ideal as a healthy addition to your daily diet or as a very special gourmet olive oil gift.

Aceites La Matilla comes from a long family tradition of olive farming that goes back more than 150 years. This new land-loving generation bring a fresh spirit to the whole process, and are creating their own gourmet extra virgin olive oil.

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