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Production of premium olive oil

The La Matilla Oil farm has more than 40 hectares of olive trees. A privileged environment with an enriched soil thanks to the conversion of the pruning of our olive trees into organic matter, directly responsible for a premium gourmet extra virgin olive oil.


La Matilla Estate

A privileged environment with land that has been used for the cultivation of olives since the Palaeolithic.

The olive groves with which La Matilla extra virgin olive oil is obtained are located in the south of Andalusia in the countryside of Carmona (Seville), specifically in a hill. These alcores of Carmona have been home to agricultural crops since the Palaeolithic. Numerous archaeological remains of that time in the area prove it.
Data from agricultural records in the area certify that since Roman times olive oil was already being produced, and the first farms only to the production of olive oil date back to the fifteenth century, when there was an expansion and there were up to 70 oil mills in the area. Its cool, sandy soils are optimal for growing olive trees and producing premium olive oil, a privileged environment with rich soils that help make them even more so by turning the pruning of the olive trees into organic matter to return it to the earth and enrich it. Respect for the environment and the nature of the surroundings is in the DNA of the management of the family farming model of Aceites La Matilla.

Finca La Matilla has 40 hectares of olive trees, on which a selection is made of those with the best productivity and quality of the fruit, to then obtain the best oil of gourmet olive in a natural way, cold and with capachos, an olive tradition of yesteryear.

The result of this history is the aLa Matilla extra virgin olive oil, a luxury, unique and exclusive gastronomic product< strong>, ideal to include in your daily diet or to use as a acgourmet olive oil as a gift.

Aceites La Matilla was born from the sons of olive farmers with a tradition of more than 150 years. This new generation who loves the countryside has wanted to bring a new spirit and create their own gourmet extra virgin olive oil.

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