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The advantages of buying EVOO online are many more than you might believe. Can you imagine opening the door of your house and finding bottles of extra virgin olive oil ready to consume? Today we all resort to online shopping for reasons such as variety and ease in the purchasing process. But have you ever used it to buy oil? The truth is that there are great advantages of buy EVOO online…We tell you!

comprar aceite de oliva online

Advantages of buying EVOO online

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best products of the Mediterranean diet, and we all know its great Benefits. The advantages offered by the extra virgin olive oil market on the internet are numerous. Below we tell you 3 of the most important relevant issues when buying EVOO online.

Buy olive oil at the best price

Buying olive oil at the best price is possible thanks to online shopping. In this way we can avoid the increase in the price of olive oil derived from intermediaries. This is due to the fact that the commercialization of this product, as occurs with other agricultural products, takes place in a wide and complex chain of intermediaries that make it possible to purchase it up to the final consumer.

tienda online de aceite de oliva


By buying EVOO online, the marketing chain becomes much simpler, reducing costs, and being able to offer the consumer a cheaper price than they could find in the supermarket.

However, prices can vary a lot depending on the online olive oil store where we look. That is why it is important to carry out an intelligent search on the internet, where we compare prices, shipping conditions, and other variables, before making a purchase decision.

Choose the size that interests you the most

Another advantage of buying EVOO online is the variety of formats and sizes offered by online stores. We know that households are made up of very different families in terms of number and that the conditions of each house are unique. Therefore, by purchasing online, customers can access the amount of extra virgin olive oil that best suits their personal situation.

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The usual thing is to find options to buy 5ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml bottles of oil, and even 5L oil cans! You have a wide variety in terms of sizes, so you can easily buy the format in which you are most interested.

Access to a wide variety of oil

In addition to finding a wide variety of oil sizes, there is also a wide range of this product. The Internet is a very extensive market, so if you are looking for the best one for you, you will find it. There are currently many types of oil, depending on their characteristics, uses, conditions, origin or method of obtaining. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is undoubtedly the most natural of all, although there are also others such as olive oil, virgin olive oil, arbequina olive oil, etc. There is an incredible oil for all tastes!

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Buy EVOO online in La Matilla

At Aceites La Matilla we have a wide range of types of oil, formats and sizes, for each one of you. We know how important it is to maintain good health, which is why our oil is created with love and care, in order to offer you a high-quality oil. In addition, we want to know your needs and tastes to give you the perfect product for you, and maintain a close relationship with each one. The best extra virgin olive oil is waiting for you!

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