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Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Without a doubt when we hear these words we think of this product and its most common use: nutritional. However, the multiple benefits of “liquid gold” go far beyond its contribution to our diet. The truth is that there are alternative uses of EVOO that you are not aware of, therefore we want to tell you how this delicacy of the Mediterranean diet can make our palates more happy.

aceite de oliva virgen extra

Burn Relief

Thanks to its moisturizing and soothing properties, EVOO is a great ally for treating skin burns. In addition, it has a high content of oelic acid, which favors and facilitates healing. Applying a little oil on the burned skin will considerably relieve the pain caused by the burn. However, it is important to allow a few minutes to pass before doing so if the burn is recent. As an extra recommendation, you can mix the olive oil with a beaten egg yolk or honey for even greater relief.

Natural makeup remover and lip balm

Another alternative use of EVOO that you are probably not aware of is that of a natural make-up remover. Its hydrating properties help remove make-up from the skin with ease, and it’s also suitable for any skin type! Just apply a little on the skin and gently massage until completely clean. It is important to be careful around the eye area, since if the oil enters it could cause some discomfort.


In addition, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great for moisturizing the lips. Applying a few drops helps maintain hydration and elasticity to show off soft lips without cracks.

Radiant hair

With the arrival of summer and the humidity of some cities, many of us begin to notice our hair more frizzy than normal, dull, and dull. This is where the EVOO comes to give it life. Not only does it have moisturizing properties that will leave our hair silky, but it is also an antioxidant, so it helps our hair grow stronger, healthier and shinier.

With the summer sun, our hair suffers a lot and dries out very easily, so applying a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil will improve its condition considerably. As for frizz caused by humidity, the molecular structure of EVOO penetrates our hair fibers, thus reducing frizz, also preventing excessive hair loss, reinforcing the follicle and protecting the scalp.

Prevention of diabetes

As demonstrated from a study by the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), introducing Extra Virgin Olive Oil in food reduces the glycemic peak of people suffering from type I diabetes after meals. This is because EVOO balances insulin levels in our body, thus preventing it from reaching very extreme levels in the blood.

aceite de oliva virgen extra o aove

Diaper rash care

Babies’ skin sometimes suffers from rubbing caused by the diaper. As it is a very sensitive and delicate skin, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best ally to relieve dermatitis, since it is a natural ingredient that provides hydration and softness to the affected skin of the most little ones.

In short, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product with very beneficial properties for our health and care, both internally and externally. Since whenever we think of this product, how to consume it, we wanted to tell you about the number of alternative uses of EVOO that you do not know, so that you can implement them in your life and make the most of the great potential of this wonder.

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