Arbequina olive oil is a smooth, light olive oil with fruity aromas, a striking green colour and a delicate and pleasant  sensation. Subtle aromas of nuts are predominant although, depending on the variety, hints of ripe fruit are also present.

Arbequina olives give this oil a high content of oleic acid, which helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).  Another benefit is that it can help to improve cardiovascular health as the poliphenol values are inferior to those found in other olive oils.

What is Arbequina olive oil?

Arbequina olive oil is extracted from the arbequina olive, a variety obtained from an olive tree originating in Palestine. The Duque of Medinaceli introduced this variety into Spain in the 17th century when he planted arbequina olive trees in his castle. This castle-palace was in the town of Arbeca (Catalonia) which is where the name Arbequina comes from. It is also known as Arbequí, Arbequín, Blanca Herbequin, Arbela Olive, White Borjas Olive and Manglot Olive.


What are the characteristics of arbequina olives?

  • Highly resistant to cold temperatures
  • Low Vigor
  • Low resistence to calcareous soils
  • Small size (between 1 and 2 grs.)
  • Early maturation
  • Low resistence to oxidation
  • High productivity
  • High percentage of oil
  • Very low pulp/stone ratio
  • Medium resistance to detachment

Uses for Arbequina oil 

The arbequina olive is used in the production of olive oil due to its low pulp/stone ratio. Even though it is one of the smallest olives, it gives the highest yeilds of olive oil when pressed. Because of this, cultivation of arbequina olive trees has spread throughout Spain and can be mainly found in Catalonia, Andalusia and Zaragoza.

Arbequina olive oil has a sweet, smooth flavour which makes it a more popular choice in cuisine over other stronger-tasting oils. Arbequina oil is ideal to introduce to children and those who are not used to consuming olive oil as is the case in many countries outside Spain.

Due to its smooth taste Arbequina olive oil is also ideal for preparing mayonnaise and other sauces and as a healthy substitute for butter in baking, especially in sponge cakes.

It is also ideal for breakfast meals drizzled uncooked on toast with tomatoes or even marmalade. In salads it combines perfectly with all kinds of fruit such as kiwis, apples or sultanas and arbequina olive oil can even be used to accompany fruit salads, purées and puddings.


Where to buy arbequina olive oil?

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