Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml Bottle

14,90 IVA Incluido

Discover our Coupage extra virgin olive oil, hand-picked at dawn early in the season (end September to October) and processed in less than 6 hours from harvesting to production of our exclusive artisan extra virgin olive oil. If you would like to surprise someone with a special and unique gift, our gourmet extra virgin olive oil, in its beautifully hand-crafted porcelain bottle, is the ideal choice.

Porcelain Stoneware Container

Our range of Coupage olive oil is produced entirely in Andalusia. The porcelain container, made in Ubrique, La Rambla, Cazalla and Morón de la Frontera, makes it ideal as a luxury gift of gourmet olive oil. La Matilla’s olive oil is presented in a hand-crafted container made of porcelain stoneware which is one of the best materials for the optimum preservation of olive oil. The containers are non-porous (zero leakage) and help preserve the product because light, air and smells cannot penetrate the procelain.
Recently, more and more producers of gourmet olive oil are exporting their products to gourmet markets, and this is where porcelain stoneware is most suitable for a premium-quality product. The bottle also has a high quality label with real gold stamping and an anti-drip wooden top with artisan leather strap presented in a unique box with luxurious finishings which altogether make this olive oil product ideal as a very special gift.

Additional Information

Nutritional Information (100g)
Energy / 3715 kJ/ 888 Kcal
Fats / 100 g
of which saturates / 14 g
Carbohydrates / 0 g
of which sugars / 0 g
Proteins / 0 g
Salt / 0 g


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