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We hand pick the olives and extract the olive oil using traditional cold-pressing mats. Our unique EVOO is of limited, exclusive production and is processed entirely by hand on our estate

La Matilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
a step-by-step production method


1. Selection of the best olives

The La Matilla estate has 40 hectares of mostly arbequina olive trees, and a small number of picual olive trees, from which we select the best quality olives. These are picked when they are at their optimal stage of maturation to produce the finest premium quality gourmet olive oil.

2. Harvest

To produce our gourmet extra virgin olive oil the olives are picked between the end of September and mid-October by hand – the olives do not touch the ground – and at dawn, to avoid the high temperatures later in the day . This delicate handling contributes to the intensity of taste and unique aroma of this premium quality olive oil.

3. Pressing

From harvesting to extraction using our traditional cold-pressing methods, barely 6 hours transpire. 13-14 Kg of olives are needed to produce 1 litre of La Matilla’s premium quality gourmet extra virgin olive oil. Our choice to use this artisanal process also guarantees that the organoleptic and physiochemical characteristics of this olive oil are preserved, as accredited by the Instituto de la Grasa (Food Service and Technology Research Centre).

4. Packaging and labelling

Finally, packaging and labelling, as with all our production processes, are carried out by hand on our estate. Excellence is only possible if there is control and dedication at every stage of the production of premium olive oil.


The effort and perseverance to achieve a gourmet quality olive oil have made Aceites La Matilla an AOVE known and awarded by numerous national and international organizations in the sector and some media.

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