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Breakfast! Isn’t it perhaps for many of us the favorite meal of the day? That freshly brewed coffee, that smell of toasted bread, and that oil on its own or with ham or some kind of cold meat… incredible as our prices in EVOO that we have in the online store that you can access by clicking here!

But wait a minute. Are all oils the same at breakfast time? What is the best olive oil for breakfast? We tell you!


What is the best olive oil for breakfast?

Before being able to address this issue, it is essential to take into account several relevant aspects that help us objectively decide which is the best olive oil to take with toast for breakfast.

¿cuál es el mejor aceite de oliva para desayunar?

1. What type of oil is the best for breakfast?

There are no valid objections here. If you have been following us for a long time, you will know that there are different categories where we classify consumer oil.

If we pay attention to its culinary and nutritional properties for our health, extra virgin olive oil is the best option for breakfast.

Its content in quality fatty acids, polyphenols, vitamins and flavor classify it as one of the best foods in the world.

2. What are your tastes?

Beyond what seems obvious, no matter how many recommendations we make and throw at you, we will always remind you that the one who is going to consume the oil is you and, therefore, you are the one who must be clear about what your tastes and preferences are.

aceite de oliva la matilla

Thus, if you like intense flavors, you should opt for an EVOO made with certain olives, while if you want a smoother and fresher flavor, we recommend its Arbequina variety.

3. What are you going to accompany it with?

In the case of using the Oil together with the toasted bread with other types of food such as cold cuts, it will always be convenient to accompany it with mild oils that do not make the flavors of ham, turkey or similar go unnoticed.

If you stop to think, you will realize that the ham has an intense flavor, so if we use an EVOO that also has body and bitterness, the result may be too aggressive for our palate and our stomach.

From our point of view, Arbequina oil is always used for this reason, but remember that it is you who decides!


Breakfast with the best Olive Oil

Returning to our main topic, what kind of breakfasts can we prepare with the best olive oil? It’s not all about toast!

As you well know, EVOO is used for almost any dish and, although we can enjoy it raw on toast, there are many other options where we can benefit from its qualities and bring dynamism to the first meal of the day.

With current trends towards a more balanced and healthy diet, we can see that the use of recipes such as oatmeal pancakes is on the rise.

tortitas con fresas

To do this, we just have to mix 1 egg and 3 egg whites together with approximately 50 grams of oatmeal and a splash of extra virgin olive oil… the result speaks for itself!

On the other hand, when we use the oil on toast… what kind of bread are you going to use? Traditional bread is not the same as rye bread, or seed bread, for example.

In all cases, our recommendation will always be the use of an EVOO that takes center stage from the rest of the ingredients or that has too high an intensity that could cause you heaviness in the first hours of the day.


What makes it the best olive oil for breakfast?

We recommend the Arbequina or coupage variety for various reasons. On the one hand, its fresh and smooth flavor combines perfectly with other products that are traditionally used for breakfast.

Ham, tomato, turkey… if you look at all these foods they already have a high intensity in themselves.

On the other hand, the benefits for our health are innumerable and doing it in the first meal of the day has its advantages as we already saw in our post that talks about the consumption of a spoonful of olive oil on an empty stomach.


Why have olive oil for breakfast

Stop for a moment to think, what do you need in the first hours of the day? Energy!
But when we talk about energy, we automatically think of… coffee. It is true that caffeine has a stimulating effect, but have you stopped to think about what happens to the macronutrients that give us energy?

aceite de oliva para desayunar - aceites la matilla

Healthy fats are an essential source of energy for the human body. These, together with carbohydrates and proteins, are required to carry out the daily activities that we carry out, a greater quantity being required in case of greater physical mobility.

Contrary to what many think… fats do not automatically turn into fat. What’s more, a sweet loaded with simple carbohydrates and sugars will probably create more stored fat than a good portion of whole wheat bread with extra virgin olive oil.


Buy the best olive oil online

And, although health and basic eating guidelines are maintained… times change!
There is no longer any need to wait for the neighborhood supermarket to incorporate the EVOO that we are looking for.

Now, we have it in the palm of our hand, less than two clicks away, and you can compare a multitude of options.

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