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The best olive oil for toast is something we all look for. Toasts are a classic in our breakfast, and that is why we need them to fill us with energy and flavor. Previously we told you if it is healthy to take a tablespoon of olive oil fasting. But, can you imagine the amount of energy that can bring you together with the bread? In this post we tell you which is the best olive oil for toast. You’ll see how delicious your morning is!


What makes an oil the best for toast

The first is the first. What makes an oil the best oil for toast? In previous posts we told you that a gourmet olive oil has exceptional characteristics. To begin with, it has a very characteristic flavor in which bitter and sweet tones are fused, and even spicy. If you are an avid consumer of extra virgin olive oil, you will know how to distinguish one oil from another through its colour.

tostadas con aceite de oliva

However, you must be especially careful with this. There are companies that give their oil bottles a dark green hue, so that the customer has the false feeling that they are consuming the best olive oil. To know if an extra virgin olive oil is very good, we recommend that you pour it into a small white bowl. There you will see its real color.


So what is the best olive oil for toast?

The best olive oil for toast is EVOO, especially gourmet olive oil. This delicious oil has the great characteristic of being able to blend in with other ingredients, creating the perfect balance of flavors. In addition, thanks to its texture, it is capable of impregnating the bread with its aroma.

Gourmet olive oil is so good that you don’t need to douse toast with oil, just pour a little along the bread. Then you can add all kinds of ingredients to create the perfect toast.


Toast with the best olive oil

Keep in mind that creating toasts with the best olive oil does not imply that they are breakfast toasts. They can also be for lunch, or for dinner! After all, a delicious toast is something that always comes in handy. You just have to know how to choose the ingredients well to get a delicious flavor.

Also called tostas, you can introduce them as tapas or as a small and delicious starter. Or why not, make her the protagonist. They are easy to eat and it is something that everyone likes. Here are some tips for making delicious toast with olive oil.

Although it is true that bread with oil is good in any way, when it comes to toasted bread it acquires a special flavor. Our advice is to toast the bread, even if only a little, and then place all the cut ingredients. There are toasts that will allow you to put them back in the oven, while others, due to their ingredients, will not be possible. Here are some toasts with the best extra virgin olive oil.


Toast with olive oil, avocado and egg

The toast with olive oil and avocado has become one of the favorites. You can also add tomato, egg or, as in this case, pine nuts. Also, you can add pepper or any of your favorite spices to give it the final touch. It is a delicious toast that you can consume for both breakfast and dinner.

tostada con aceite de oliva y aguacate

This toast is full of proteins and good fats that will be of great help to face the day. And best of all, is that it does not have a complicated elaboration. And look how delicious it looks! Without a doubt, it is one of those easy dishes with which you will be able to conquer anyone.


Toast with EVOO, burrata and arugula

Put a light layer of olive oil on your toast, some burrata and arugula. And now you have it! The contrast of textures and flavors will make it one of your favorite toasts. Also, you can play with the ingredients and add a little avocado and/or tomato. It all depends on how hungry you are!

tostada con aove, burrata y rúcula

Burrata is one of those cheeses that go very well with olive oil. Therefore, if you are looking for the best olive oil for toast, we recommend that you give this recipe a try.


Toast with olive oil and guacamole

The toasts with extra virgin olive oil and guacamole are synonymous with sure success. Remember that guacamole has avocado, tomato and onion, ingredients that fit perfectly with EVOO. With this base you can create all kinds of toast. For example toast with olive oil and cherry tomatoes, radish and even cucumber.

tostadas con aove y guacamole

This type of toast lets out your most creative side. You can even create some kind of special seasoning with spices to create a delicious base. Pepper, curry, rosemary… there is a whole world of possibilities that will make everyone want to repeat.


Buy the best olive oil

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