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Are you wondering which is the best olive oil to eat raw? Well, if you want to save yourself some reading time just by doing click here and you will be right for sure!

But since we know that it will seem quite obvious that we recommend our oil, we explain the reasons objectively!

What is the best olive oil to eat raw?

If you are not fully immersed in the olive oil sector, or you like oil but you are not a gourmet either, you should know that olive oil has its own classification based on its characteristics and attributes.

That’s right my friend, not all oils are the same! But since we want to delve into the matter that concerns us, we leave you here the link to our post on the different types of oil and we give you a brief summary of it.

mejor AOVE crudo

Depending on the range of acidity, the production process, harvesting and obtaining are classified as more or less relevant at a gastronomic level or their impact on our health.

Thus, the podium of olive oils would be as follows:

  1. Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
  2. Virgin olive oil
  3. Olive oil

Therefore, you must understand that virgin olive oil is not the same as extra virgin olive oil. So far so good? Well, let’s continue!

Where there is no discussion or debate, is that EVOO is considered liquid gold and, therefore, as the highest quality olive oil both for its properties on our health and for its culinary properties.< /strong>

Therefore, from the outset we are clear that the best olive oil to consume raw will be an extra virgin olive oil. But that is not all…

Why take raw olive oil?

As we have previously mentioned, the properties and benefits that Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings to our health are innumerable.

At the cardiovascular, digestive, anti-inflammatory, immunological and other levels, EVOO is one of the basic foods in our food pyramid.

aceite de oliva en crudo

But beware, their properties are not maintained in any circumstance, but when subjected to high temperatures some of them lose intensity, or their macronutrients go from being healthy to not being so.

Yes friends, crude oil has healthy fats, essential for health and one of the essential macronutrients in our diet.

However, when it is exposed to high temperatures (for example, when using it to fry), these fats become saturated, which are what cause us the terrible “floater” and turn processed foods and fried in enemies of our line.

Therefore, it is important that whenever possible (or on a regular basis), the consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (and in general that of any oil) is made raw.

La Matilla Oils: The best olive oil

Now you will say, and why?

Calm down, we are not sweeping home, we are simply narrowing the fence more and more. For now, we already know that the best olive oil to consume raw must be an EVOO… and ours is!

But that’s not all. There are different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil based on the type of olive or olive used for its preparation.

Thus, we now understand why there are oils that are more intense, others that scratch more, or why some have a certain bitterness and others do not.

aceite de oliva en crudo

We are not saying that the rest of the oils are worse than ours, far from it! Instead, our EVOO uses the Arbequina variety, which is characterized by a fruity, soft, sweet aroma without bitterness.

When consuming raw olive oil, the ideal is that it does not have so much body or presence, since either it generates a displeasure on our palate if we consume it alone, or it can dissipate the nuances of other foods that it accompanies by its intensity.

However, La Matilla olive oil is quite the opposite. A smooth, sweet flavor without bitterness that will make it ideal for raw consumption.

Buy the best olive oil online

When we say that about buying the best olive oil, we do not want to seem arrogant. We obviously love our oil, but that depends on taste after all, right?

We rely solely on what the different institutions where we have a presence say and that classify us as such (if you want, click here and check out what they say about us or our awards)

In short, if you want to buy the best olive oil online… click on this link and stop by our store!

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