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What is the best extra virgin olive oil from Spain? Let’s start at the beginning!

Spain, in addition to being a pioneer in the production of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) worldwide, is also internationally known for its gastronomy where, as the jewel in the crown, the oil of our country stands out.

With all this, the number of varieties and producers is almost innumerable and, as is obvious, for each of them their “liquid gold” is the best in the world.

But, what if we give you some clues on how to detect for yourself which one is the most acclaimed at the national level? Let’s get to it!

Characteristics of the best extra virgin olive oil from Spain

To begin with, the first thing we must do is detect which characteristics we value to establish a ranking within the national EVOOs.

But first of all, if you think that we are going to stop at the type of olive used for its preparation, you are wrong.

If we did that, we would be “manipulating your tastes”. That’s right, the type of olive will directly influence the flavor, nuances, aromas or even color, but isn’t that something subjective?

premios la matilla

This variable attends to the taste of the people, but not to the quality of the oil to establish which is yes, and which is not. Therefore, this is not an essential factor for the value of an oil or not.

To define a “quality” EVOO we must attend to the moment of harvesting the olive. Doing it at its optimal moment of maturation will ensure that the resulting extra virgin olive oil retains all its culinary and nutritional properties.

An oil where its olives have been harvested outside of the hottest hours, before they fall to the ground (synonymous that too much time has passed) or selecting the best ones will give rise to a unique juice and, as we define, premium.

On the other hand, the way in which the olive is pressed is also key. Doing it cold will ensure that its properties are not altered and, therefore, that it really maintains the multiple benefits that extra virgin olive oil brings to our health and our gastronomy.

Finally, an aspect that we must consider when taking into account, and broadly speaking of course, since we are not trying to become experts but to know how to detect the quality of one EVOO or another, is the packaging.

That’s right, the packaging is essential since preventing the temperatures of the extra virgin olive oil from rising, preventing sunlight from falling directly on the juice or even the characteristics of the packaging are essential for the preservation of the EVOO.

Where to buy the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain?


Once some basic guidelines have been clarified to establish which is the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain, we are going to focus on what is important, which is the best EVOO for professionals in the sector?

So far, we have taught you the basics to identify how, from the start, a quality EVOO should be. But make no mistake, there is a network of factors and variables that only the most qualified can identify correctly.

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There are many EVOO contests, competitions and conventions around the world. In each of them, a specialized jury determines, based on several guidelines, which are the best extra virgin olive oils of that edition.

The last Canada IOOC held in that country, La Matilla Oils obtained the silver medal for quality. In the IV POP 2021 edition, we obtained the gold medal or in the London IOOC 2019, we obtained up to 3 different awards.

Therefore, if we want to find out where we can buy the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain, the answer is as simple as it is obvious… on the internet.

Aceites La Matilla: The best extra virgin olive oil in Spain

Source: India Martínez Instagram

With all of the above, it is clear that depending on the contest or event, the winner of the best national or international EVOO will vary depending on the criteria of the jury that is present at said edition.

For our part, each year we obtain different awards in the different celebrations that we participate in, whether for international quality, design or even the maximum within a certain category.

The best extra virgin olive oil from Spain in Seville

For us, it is a real pride to have our roots in Andalusia. More specifically, we are in Seville where we presume to carry our land by flag wherever we go and, despite what many think, in the Andalusian capital we have the privilege of an ideal climate and environment for the cultivation and production of EVOO.

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