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Let’s face it, almost everyone likes extra virgin olive oil, but not all of us like the same one. There are those that cause an itching in the throat, there are sweeter ones, there are more bitter ones or there are softer ones. In fact, if your predisposition before continuing reading the post is EVOO with a soft touch click here and save you from having to keep reading.

On the other hand, if you want to know the reason, we will tell you!

Characteristics of a mild olive oil

As you well know (and if we do not remind you), there are different varieties of olives that can be used in the process of making EVOO and that will have a significant impact on the final result.

In the same way, the color of the oil, its texture or its aroma go hand in hand.

Color of extra virgin olive oil

Despite what many may think, the color of the EVOO is not related to its quality. Extra virgin olive oil respects all the qualities and aromas of the olive.

However, the color is not related to its quality. In fact, the tastings are carried out with a blue or amber container, preventing this aspect from influencing the expert’s opinion.

color del aceite de oliva virgen extra

The type of olive, the time of harvest or the production process if they are elements that will affect its color. Thus, although when qualifying an EVOO, only the senses of taste and smell should be taken into account, in variables such as extraction or manufacturing if the color of the oil is going to have a notable impact.

When the color of the olive is greener, it is because it has more chlorophyll and pheophinins, providing that greenish tone, while as these olives mature, the yellowish colors stand out because the chlorophyll is lost over time.

Of course, the conservation of EVOO is key to preserving its properties. Exposure to light or high temperatures also affect chlorophyll. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the oil in an opaque container, in addition to storing it in a dark and dry place.


In the same way that the color is not an indicator of the quality of the EVOO, the texture does not have a significant impact on this aspect either. The texture will be fixed by the manufacturing process. Especially the pressing method.

Cold pressing and using capachos, like the one we carry out in La Matilla, is one of the most traditional ways of obtaining the olive broth.

el aceite de oliva virgen extra más suave


In this way, its properties are fully respected before being filtered.

Of course, no oil should have the texture of water but should have a thicker and more concentrated body.


On the other hand, the aroma of the EVOO should evoke the smell of the olive. If the oil smells moldy, rancid and similar, it cannot be classified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Its smell can also be fruity, bitter or spicy depending on the type of olive.

Without going into too many complexities and taking into account the most recognized monovarieties in Spain, we can affirm that:

  • Arbequina: its weapons of almonds or wild fruits from the orchard stand out
  • Picual: Reminiscent of the tomato plant, with green notes and wood
  • Hojiblanca: Fresh grass and green fruits.


So, what is the mildest extra virgin olive oil?

Well, once we have clarified some elements related to olive oil, we are going to address the central topic of this post, which is the smoothest EVOO?

Well, to answer this question it is essential to look at the type of olive used.

As we have previously mentioned, the variety of olive will transfer a series of nuances to the resulting EVOO since it is the basic raw material with which the oil is made.

el aove más suave

Par excellence, the extra virgin olive oil made with arbequina will be the smoothest that we can buy on the market.

Here, the itching and bitterness go almost completely unnoticed, with nuances such as the fruity flavor and light aroma predominating.

On the other hand, picual olive oil, also with its aromas of green apple and freshness, can be a correct option if we are looking for a smooth EVOO.

Aceites La Matilla, your Mild Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With all of the above, we come to the conclusion that the EVOO made with the Arbequina olive variety is the smoothest extra virgin olive oil that you can find on the market.

Our EVOO, in addition to complying with this premise, is processed and extracted at the optimal time, thus allowing all the characteristics of the olive itself to be maintained and, therefore, keeping its softness intact.

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