Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Get the highest quality Gourmet Olive Oil La Matilla, the best extra virgin olive oil on the market. Gourmet Oil is made with great care and attention to detail, endowing it with the purest qualities and flavors of olive oil. Gourmet extra virgin olive oil is intended to be consumed raw on toast, salads and as a complement to any of your dishes.

At Aceites La Matilla we produce premium oils that have been deserving of awards given worldwide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Whether as a gift or for own consumption, buying gourmet olive oil will always be a good option.

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  • aceite-de-oliva-arbequina-500-online

    Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Arbequina Botella 500ml

    29,90 IVA Incluido
  • comprar-aceite-de-oliva-coupage-250-online

    Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Coupage Botella 250ml

    14,90 IVA Incluido